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this photo web site contains a web-based "open studio" of the
boston photographer francis gardino

Fenway Branches

As a child, my father would take me for short drives to the beach in Revere and Mystic Lakes where we would draw trees and ocean waves crashing to the shore.  Today, I shoot photos to capture photographic moments of impact in many of the same and similar places.  My panoramas printed on large canvases place the viewer in these printed scenes with multiple focal points, which in turn result in multiple momentous impacts.  Although I shoot many non-panoramas as well, often while photographing landscapes I am no longer satisfied with a single shot.

All of my panoramas are multiple-shot sequences which are stitched together using Photoshop Merge.  The images reflect the process of me panning and tilting my camera to capture the scene, much like a cinematographer would capture a movie scene, then printed with pigment inks on archival inkjet photo paper or canvas.

Malden of Everett

panoramic portrait of fran: born in malden, grew up in everett, drives a honda
(sorry, now a prius)


Brighton Speedway Buildings

Allston Brighton 360 Degree Panorama Photos


Marmotintos  Dark Marmontintos


Map of Fran's Installations


Italiano Section:

Roma Page
The Eternal City

Pietraperzia Page
Sicilian home of my maternal grandparents
in honor of the 100th anniversary of their emigration to Boston

Sciacca Page
Sicilian home of my paternal grandparents
, both in honor of 2013, the Year of Italian Culture in the USA

Enchanted Castle Page
35 Years & 1000+ works by Sciacca Sculptor Filippo Bentivegna, aka "the village madman"

Siracusa Page
Now Sicilian, once ancient Greek city


Decordova Wall Proposal Page!
Did you ever come across one of those walls you just obsessed about?

Mass Sheep Page
But a few photos of some Massachusetts Sheep

fran's photo books for sale:

"The Sky Mourns"
Boston Pops 4th of July Fireworks 2013 photo book in honor of the Marathon victims

"Paint the Sky Fiery"

hardcover and paperback book versions of fran's Boston Pops Fireworks photos

Email comments from H.H. Hanson of Pyro Spectaculars, Inc. regarding fran's fireworks photos:
"As the fireworks company who actually creates and fires the show for the Boston Pops,
we were struck with the beauty of your photos... and… well… WOW!"

"Manhole Covers Etc."

240 pages of Manhole Cover photos with added drains, valves and misc asphalt markings representing over 14 years of exploration.
Now with an Introduction by Debbie Hagan, former Editor-in-Chief of Art New Emgland

"Touch the Sky"

cloud photo book that was created in conjunction with fran's show
at the Midland Center for the Arts, Midland MI  --- Spring 2012

midland show review by Sue White of
"Gardino's cloud photography sets the stage with shots taken from an airplane,
looking down on the cloud cover from above.
Printed on canvas, they are museum-quality reproductions,
photos with the look of fine art."

web-based photo collections:

everett tin pans (panoramas)
and other fine findings by fran including chelsea & watertown colorpans

boston pops 2009 fireworks page

Boston Pops Fireworks

it's like they said, "this was the best year yet".  see you there next year

boston pops 2013 fireworks page
I call them "Agave in the Wind" since they took on a new look this year 

the great Charles River
pans and pics "work in progress" of the beautiful Boston River  

sporting tradition
21 photos at brighton heritage museum from sept 17 to nov 6, 2010

 mystic river page
"my dear wife, we are here in a paradise", governor winthrop 1630

wabi-sabi page
impermanence occurs during the time it takes for the shutter to open and close

sunglow page

looking into the winter sun at a home of the Jesuits

classic manhole covers etc.
over 600 photos from around the world

images on google earth
over 500 juried photos used on google 2d and 3d maps

proposals page
several large scale photo proposals on buildings and public places

cloud photos
grand format Logan Airport 10' x 30' installation and 100 photos shot mostly from airline windows

tarweb music page
asphalt as photographic symbols in appreciation of african american music

at the ocean's edge page
31 photos from the photo show at Marblehead Art Association August 2012

nahant beach page
wonder about the importance of nahant over the past thousand years

coastal pics (seaweed etc)
humorous shots of weeds that look a bit like familiar foods

Boston Skyline from East Boston

mexican photos
cancun area, mayan ruins and uniquely mayan/christian gravestones

rock of ages photos
two long panoramas of the vermont quarry and some images of special granite gravestones

favorite gems
mix of charming, beauty and spectacular views

paw-ligraphy 101
fun translations of muddy dog paw track photos

hear audio interviews of fran by norm thibeault:
audio podcast #1
audio podcast #2

read articles about fran in his local newspaper:
nicholas iovino in allston/brighton tab: oct 1, 2010
juhi varma in allston/brighton tab: nov 18, 2010

and a web article:
juhi varma blog at bu


franbio & statement: