Allston Brighton

360 Degree Panoramas

by Fran Gardino

Each of these images have me spinning, literally.  I find a sweet spot and a good recognizable object in the foreground to start and end with, and I then spin shoot 15 to 30 shots that will be stitched into the final 360 panoramas.  

It seems to work best when I utilize an Asian design formula for scroll paintings and drawings that includes a dominant "host" and the lesser "guests".  However it's not so easy when I'm in the middle of a field, playground or busy intersection.  Sometimes it's just about the colors, textures and flow.

Each of these multi-shot images were photographed "handheld" in under one minute.  Some have called me the "Garry Winogrand of 360 degree panoramas".  I studied with him in the 1970s at Mass Art and continue to use some of his "focus/look away/shoot" techniques when there are people around, to avoid them becoming self conscious or angry.

The images on these pages represent a small percentage of over 300 photos shot as 360 degree recordings of my current hometown.  I like to think of myself as a sort of "time traveller" from the year 2114, here for a short time to live amongst the kind townsfolks and to photographically document their day to day city landscape.

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Page 1: Allston is changing a lot lately, or will be soon...

Anderson Bridge Construction

Allston #7

Bicycle Bill's #1

Lincoln Street

Allston Ice Skating Rink

Allston #9

Allston #11

Allston Depot #1

Allston Depot #4

Allston Village #1

Barry's Corner #8

Barry's Corner #2

Honan Library #3

Honan Library #6

Honan Library #2

Lincoln Street Walk Bridge

Speedway Building

Harvard Stadium #1


Herter Park

Herter Clouds #1

Herter Park #2

Herter Park Canoes #1

Head of the Charles Race 2014 (last day-after hours)

Head of the Charles 2014 #8

Head of the Charles 2014 #11

Head of the Charles #15

Head of the Charles #18

Head of the Charles 2014 #17

Head of the Charles 2014 #20


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