Allston Brighton

360 Degree Panoramas

by Fran Gardino

I start out 
my various photo projects with a minimum of 100 images.  At this point in my Allston Brighton 360s, I am well over 300 images and still shooting.  I shot a few in Italy during my "Italian Journey" in 2012 and lately I've begun to shoot outside the Allston Brighton area. During the International Association of Panorama Photographers conference, I almost the entire time shot 360 images of the Santa Fe area including the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, which is not easy because of all the people and movement, but it's great when it works.

One of my photo teachers once declared to the class that you should not consider yourself a photographer until you have spent at least 100 hours in the darkroom; that is the "100 rule".  I think there is some validity to that statement for most of us in that it doesn't end there and the "100 rule" helps us to resist the temptation to only pursue lifetime goals that we are simply "born with".  No doubt there are prodigies that can pick up music and singing etc. very quickly.  Most or all of them are not only "born with" the talent, but also need to develop, nurture and promote it.

Janis Joplin was supposedly "born with" her great voice and singing style.  I don't think her brilliance ended there.  She needed to learn from and listen to a lot of other great singers and to live out her time and experiences on the road to become a great blues singer.  Unfortunately the booze and drugs also wore her out, not before I saw her 1970 final live concert in the Harvard Stadium in Allston.  With a bottle of Southern Comfort in one hand and a mike in the other, she gave us the thrill of a lifetime and my "born with" destiny.

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Brighton Center

Brighton Center Dusk #1

Brighton Center Dusk #2

Brighton Center Dusk #3

Brighton Fire Trucks #1

Brighton Center #8

Brighton Center #1

Brighton Center #2

Brighton Center #4

Brighton Common #1

Brighton Common #2

Brighton Common #4

Brighton Music #1


Up Chestnut Hill Avenue

Brighton Chestnut Hill Ave #3

Brighton Hill Ave #4

Teresa Hynes Park

Brighton #1

Brighton Center #2


Boston College Area

Brighton College #3

Brighton College #3

Brighton College #2

Boston College Campus

Chandler Pond #6

Chandler Pond #8

Brighton Reservoir #1


Down Commonwealth Avenue

Brighton Chestnut Hill Ave #7

Brighton Commomwealth Avenue #9

The Found Sock

Brighton Commomwealth Avenue #15

Packard Corner #2

Packard Corner #3

Packard Corner #5

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