100 Clouds
by Fran Gardino

This website has been created and posted in celebration of the "Coach Class Sunrise"
photo on canvas installation in Terminal A at Logan Airport Boston MA, USA

Coach Class Sunrise Installation

Cloud Covers   Circle Rainbow    Cloud Holes    Puffy Clouds
Drama Clouds    Warm Clouds   
Cold Clouds    Cloud Waves
Cloud End

1. Coach Class Sunrise
Coach Class Sunrise

Cloud Covers

2. Cloud Cover One (Above and Below)
Cloud Cover One

3. Cloud Cover Two (Extension of the Wing)
Cloud Cover Three

4. Cloud Cover Three (Global Stream)
Cloud Cover Three

5. Cloud Cover Four (Powder)
Cloud Cover Four

6. Cloud Cover Five
Cloud Cover Five

7. Cloud Cover Six
Cloud Cover Six

8. Cloud Cover Seven
Cloud Cover Seven

9. Cloud Cover Eight
Cloud Cover Eight

10. Cloud Cover Nine
Cloud Cover Nine

11. Cloud Cover Ten
Cloud Cover Ten

12. Cloud Cover Eleven
Cloud Cover Eleven

Circle Rainbow in the Clouds

13. Circle Rainbow One (Not easy to see)
Circle Rainbow One

14. Circle Rainbow Two (A little better)
Cloud Cover with Rainbow

15. Circle Rainbow Three (A good view)
Circle Rainbow Four

Cloud Holes

16. Cloud Hole One (Help! I'm being pulled in!)
Cloud Hole One

17. Cloud Hole Two (Ah that's better)
Cloud Hole Two

18. Cloud Hole Three (Now I have some elbow room)
Cloud Hole Three

Puffy Clouds

19. Cloud Puff One
Cloud Puff One

20. Cloud Puff Two ((Up from the mist)
Cloud Puff Two

21. Cloud Puff Three (Scrambled frittata)
Cloud Puff Three

22. Cloud Puff Four (Cream filled)
Cloud Puff Four

23. Cloud Puff Five (More like Parkay)
Cloud Puff Five

24. Cloud Puff Six (Barnacles)
Cloud Puff Six

25. Cloud Puff Seven (Whipped Cream)
Cloud Puff Seven

26. Cloud Puff Eight (Bisons)
Cloud Puff Eight

27. Cloud Puff Nine (Cotton batten)
Cloud Puff Nine

28. Cloud Puff Ten (Bison on the Batten)
Cloud Puff Ten

29. Cloud Puff Eleven (Batten bisected)
Cloud Puff Eleven

30. Cloud Puff Twelve (Bisons among the Batten)
Cloud Puff Twelve

31. Cloud Puff Thirteen

32. Cloud Puff Fourteen (Sky Plow)
Cloud Puff Fourteen

33. Cloud Puff Fifteen (Cauliflower Patch)
Cloud Puff Fifteen

34. Cloud Puff Sixteen (Islands in the Stream)
Cloud Puff Sixteen

Drama Clouds

35. Drama Clouds One
Drama Cloud One

36. Drama Clouds Two
Drama Cloud Eight

37. Drama Clouds Three
Drama Clouds Five

38. Drama Clouds Four
Cloud Drama Eight

39. Drama Clouds Five
Drama Cloud Seven

40. Drama Clouds Six
Drama Clouds Four

41. Drama Clouds Seven
Drama Clouds

42. Drama Clouds Eight
Drama Clouds Three

43. Drama Clouds Nine
Cloud Scene Two

44. Drama Clouds Ten
Drama Clouds Six

45. Drama Clouds Eleven
Drama Clouds Seven

46. Drama Clouds Twelve
Drama Clouds Eight

47. Drama Clouds Thirteen
Drama Clouds Seven

48. Drama Clouds Fourteen
Drama Clouds Nine

49. Drama Clouds Fifteen
Drama Clouds Ten

50. Drama Clouds Sixteen
Drama Clouds Eleven

51. Drama Clouds Seventeen
Drama Clouds Twelve

52. Drama Clouds Eighteen
Drama Clouds Thirteen

53. Drama Clouds Nineteen
Drama Clouds Thirteen

54. Drama Clouds Twenty
Cloud Drama Seven

55. Drama Clouds Twenty One
Cloud Drama Twenty One

56. Drama Clouds Twenty Two
Drama Clouds Fifteen

57. Drama Clouds Twenty Three (This one's ready for Moses and a segue to the Warm Clouds)
Drama Clouds Twenty Three

58. Drama Clouds Twenty Four
Drama Clouds Seventeen

59. Drama Clouds Twenty Five
Drama Clouds Eighteen

60. Drama Clouds Twenty Six
Drama Clouds Nineteen

61. Drama Clouds Twenty Seven
Drama Clouds Twenty One

62. Drama Clouds Twenty Eight
Drama Clouds Twenty

63. Drama Clouds Twenty Nine
Drama Clouds Twenty One

64. Drama Clouds Thirty
Drama Clouds Twenty Two

65. Drama Clouds Thirty One
Drama Clouds Twenty Three

66. Drama Clouds Thirty Two
Drama Clouds Twenty Four

67. Drama Clouds Thirty Three (Photo 9/10/01)
Drama Clouds Twenty Five

Warm Clouds

68. Warm Clouds One
Warm Cloud One

69. Warm Clouds Two
Warm Clouds Two

70. Warm Clouds Three
Warm Clouds Two

71. Warm Clouds Four
Warm Clouds Four

72. Warm Clouds Five
Warm Clouds Five

73. Warm Clouds Six
Warm Clouds Six

74. Warm Clouds Seven
Warm Clouds Seven

75. Warm Clouds Eight
Warm Clouds Eight

76. Warm Clouds Nine
Warm Clouds Nine

77. Warm Clouds Ten
Warm Clouds Ten

Cold Clouds

78. Cold Clouds One (Over Bering Strait)
Cold Clouds One

79. Cold Clouds Two (Over Yukon Mountains - Sumi Filter)
Cold Clouds Two

80. Cold Clouds Three (Over Yukon)
Cool Clouds Three

Cloud Waves

81. Cloud Waves One
Cloud Waves One

82. Cloud Waves Two
Cloud Waves Seven

83. Cloud Waves Three
Drama Clouds Five

84. Cloud Waves Four
Cloud Waves Four

85. Cloud Waves Five
Cloud Waves Five

86. Cloud Waves Six
Cloud Waves Six

87. Cloud Waves Seven
Cloud Waves Seven

88. Cloud Waves Eight
Cloud Waves Four

89. Cloud Waves Nine (Mashed Potatoes)
Cloud Puff Thirteen

90. Cloud Waves Ten
Cloud Waves Six

90. Cloud Waves Eleven
Cloud Waves Twelve

91. Cloud Waves Twelve (Cloud/Mountain Ridges)
Cloud Waves Three

92. Cloud Waves Thirteen (Wiggle)
Cloud Waves Eight

93. Cloud Waves Fourteen
Cloud Waves Nine

94. Cloud Waves Fifteen
Cloud Puff Four

95. Cloud Waves Sixteen
Cloud Waves Ten

96. Cloud Waves Seventeen
Cloud Wave

97. Cloud Waves Eighteen (Coming Through)
Cloud Fuzz

98. Cloud Waves Twenty (Smooth Landing)
Smooth Landing

99. Cloud Waves Twenty One (Swipe)
Cloud Waves Thirteen

Cloud End

100. Cloud End
Cloud End