Decordova Museum Tall Wall Proposals

by Fran Gardino

Did you ever come across one of those walls you just obsessed about, that would be great to hang one of your photos?  Well there is this tall wall in the Decordova Museum in Lincoln Ma that is one such place for me.  I have dozens of tilt-oramas (vertical panoramas) that would look great there and have decided to try them out here and now with the hope that someday they may come to be.


Rocky Tilt-oramas:

Marblehead Rock #3

Marblehead Rock #1
      Scarborough Rocks     Marblehead Rock #2

Tree and Plant Stuff Tilt-oramas:

Sandy Island Tree    

Sandy Island Logs     Sandy Island Roots     London Plain Tree

Charles River Tree - Yellow     Charles River Tree - Pink #2     Charles River Tree - White

Charles River Leaves     Sandy Island Trees #2     Getty Museum Pods

Charles River Reeds

Beach Stuff Tilt-oramas:

Snail Trail     Nahant Beach Reflections     Swampscott Beach
Snail Trails #2

    Brewster Sandpan      Long Beach Tide     Barnacles

Medford Beach Weeds

Miscellaneous Tilt-oramas:

 Gloucester Asphalt     Gloucester Smears

Red Line in the Asphalt

Ruby Falls     Snow Pan     Yukon

Rock of Ages Quarry

           Rock of Ages Quarry, Vermont   

VT Wall

And yes, there will be more Tilt-oramas... :)

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