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Tribute to the Italian Scultore Supremo of Graniteville VT

Photos of Non-traditional gravestones by some Ultra-traditional Italian scultore supremos

in the Hope Cemetery near the Rock of Ages quarry of Graniteville, VT... please scroll down

As you can see, I am fascinated with photographing unique objects in not so unique places; in this case the person and/or family chose a particular gravestone for their final resting place.  On this page, in addition to the long tall panorama photo of the ROA granite quarry taken through a chain link fence in 10+ stitched shots, I've included my photos of a Canadian Maple Leaf gravestone (a Canuck in their midst), a granite copy of Michaelangelo's Pieta which even the big M would appreciate since granite is approximately 5 times as hard as his original marble versions, the overly ornate sculptured stones, stoned images of pyramids, a plane, a baseball player, some sort of capsule, a chain with links, an automobile (who said that you can't take it with you?), a picture of oneself, Albert Ceppi with the caption "scultore supremo" to make sure that we know this for all time, and then of course the obligatory skyscraper to indicate that his granites were used in the construction of buildings.   My question is, why are there so few religious references on the stones in this graveyard?  Were their work experiences like being in heaven on earth, or maybe the other place?  Or perhaps it was simply due to the fact that they carved so many stones in their lifetimes which required sympathetic religiosity for others, and as a result they chose to show their ultimate appreciation for other activities and objects that kept them alive, paid their bills, and allowed them to empty their pure and masterful spirituality into the stones of their customers.  How's that?  Huh!

Rock of Ages Quarry Vertical Panorama

The Beginning of the End
Fortier - Maple Leaf
Palmisano - Granite Pieta
Hoz - Floral Scroll
Leo Rizzi - Decorated Column
Palaoro - Leafy Scroll
Cardini - Real & Granite Flowers
Vrooman - Pyramid
Plane - Flying Granite
John - Stone Sportsman
Glennie - On Cylinder
Bernasconi - Eternally Chained
Laguerre - Lord Buy Me a Mercedes Benz
Albert Ceppi - Scultore Supremo
Dorman Mee - Walled In
Allen - Skyscraper
Tucker - Art Deco Graphic
Hope Cemetery - Heavenly Entry
The End
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