Mass Sheep
Photos of some Massachusetts Sheep
by Fran Gardino

During the cold February winter of 2013,
somewhere in Hubbardston MA,
a tiny lamb is born...

Sheep Mother and Child

A Mother and Child

Shepherd & New Ewe

The newborn had been found five minutes earlier by the Hubbardston Shepherd

Sheep Aunts, Uncles and Dad

While the aunts & uncles look on... (somewhere in there is the daddy)

Llama Security

under the watchful eyes of Llama Security

Sheep Bros

Ram Bros.


Ram Bunctious

Merino Wool Close-up

as the pretty maids look on.

Feeding Time!

OOPS! It's feeding time!


Meanwhile, out in Colrain MA...

Sheep Cute #1

"Hey! You lookin for some Squeeze Grass?"

Sheep Cute #2

Colrain Hay Do

Colrain Llama

Llama's lower teeth means "It's time to go"...

The End