the wasteland
photos inspired by the t.s. eliot poem

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read wasteland - hear eliot reading wasteland


of course i am not trying to illustrate eliot's poem but to photograph images of locations that i normally frequent, using the somber tones of "wasteland", a similar reverence for the past and doubts/curiosity forward toward future "pasts"
- on this page you can see my shooting and editing experiments with various levels of darkness, elements of decay/debris, my attempts to "embrace the waste" -

Brewster Shell

Wollaston Weeds #9

Wollanston Murky  #4

Wollaston Razors

Wellfleet Weeds #8

Wollaston Weeds #18

Morro Beach weeds #13

Wollaston Fish #2

Wollaston Murky Weeds #1

Dennis Beach Murky #1

Brewster Weeds Pan #2

Dennis Beach Murky #7

Dennis Tar #7

Dennis Tar #3


effects of man

Eastham Tires #10

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